New Arrivals Books Collection 2020

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1st Std. English 80

National English Olympiad exams for standard 1 focus on building reading skills for students. Workbo.. read more

2nd Std. English 80

Olympiad workbooks for students of class 2 cater to occupational English test, which means making th.. read more

3rd Std. English 80

Students appearing for Olympiad exams in grade 3 are familiar with the subject and also with the pat.. read more

4th Std. English 80

Specialized books are available for students appearing for Olympiad exams in English. Students of cl.. read more

5th Std. English 80

Several institutes in India organize English Olympiad exams for students of class 5. The syllabus an.. read more

6th Std. English 80

Olympiad exams for students of class 6 covers the entire school syllabus including speech, voice, fo.. read more

7th Std. English 80

Students of 7th standard appearing for English Olympiad exams are expected to be familiar with basic.. read more

1st Std. G.K. 80

General Knowledge Olympiad exams aim at bringing the best talent forward. It focuses on overall deve.. read more

8th Std. English 80

High school is not only the turning point for students, but it is the best time to gauge their knowl.. read more

2nd Std. G.K. 80

Students studying in 2nd grade are assumed to know the basics taught in grade 1. Teachers often cond.. read more

9th Std. English 80

Students studying in standard 9 are always under pressure to score well this year and also the comin.. read more

3rd Std. G.K. 80

Students of 3rd standard are expected to be well-versed with topics such as environment, India and t.. read more